German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois Rescue

Serving Montana, Washington, Idaho and Wyoming

Our goal is to match the right dog with the right family. We are often able to help coordinate logistics if you are interested in a dog that is not in your immediate area.

Mission Statement: To find caring, loving, permanent homes for surrendered, abandoned or neglected dogs and puppies. Montana German Shepherd Rescue hopes to ease the problem of the population overflow occuring in many of our shelters today.

We educate the individual on the importance of sterilizing the pet and providing superior care. We are composed of a network of foster families and are in need of finding more foster care providers with the time and commitment to provide care for these animals in transition.

We also are in need of people to provide transportation for these animals. We are an ALL-VOLUNTEER rescue. ANY DONATIONS are greatly appreciated and will help a GSD find it's forever home or feed a friend in need.

Make Your Donations Today through GoFundMe. It's completely secure and you will help dogs in need at our facilities.

We need things such as dog beds, x-large, quality dog food, leashes, stainless steel bowls, rugs for crates, and of course donations of money towards vet bills for spay/neuters, shots, etc.

Malinois Girl-Special needs

This is a very sweet Belgian Malinois girl that came to us for rehabilitation. Almost 2 yrs old; she is the smartest girl I have known for a long time, she brings me her leash to go out, her water dish, food dish, and water pail when she needs something. She was bred to be a Cadaver Dog, but certain circumstances, unfortunately, prevented her from being what she was meant to be. Unknowingly, she was abused in the kennel, when owners were gone, so is shy to strangers. She is coming around, as you can see in the photos. I LOVE this girl, but I have a female GSD that won't let me keep her. Otherwise, for sure I would!!! She has a terrific nose on her, she is afraid of the pooper scooper and brooms, but NOT afraid of the riding lawnmower or vacuum cleaner, she follows me around, when I am running them. She loves her balls and has in the past been very ferocious on the tug. I believe she would make an awesome service dog, with someone that has the patience to give her confidence, she picks up items so gently. I have been taking her every where with me,and she is quite attached to me and trusts me, so far... I need to mention that this girl is not for the faint hearted. She will need LOTS more rehabilitation, she still scoots when in strange places and around strange people. She cannot be trusted off leash, outside of her own yard right now or she will run and never come back. A fenced yard is a MUST for this girl and NO children, Her chase drive is too much also, so NO CATS. She comes from working dog stock, so even though she is shy now, her drive is starting to come out, so someone that KNOWS Malinois is a MUST! She is starting to get mouthy. Someone that knows how to control this is a MUST! I am going to be very particular where this girl goes. Someone with alot of patience! She is VERY SPECIAL to me...She is a very different girl than the one that came to me a week ago already, she is jumping to greet me instead of her tail tucked and ready to flee at the end of the leash. She is now looking to me for comfort. » read more

Jesse and Rex

Jesse and Rex need a place to rest their senior years. They are both depressed and came in together. Rex is 10 years old and sweet, Jesse is 11 years old and a little shy. Jesse has a golf ball sized tumor on her side that she has licked at to the point of it weeping, this will be removed when she arrives... The owner had heart surgery and needs to sell his house and has nowhere to keep them anymore. They do fine together but they are a little nervous around other dogs. They are very interested in cats and might not do well with cats, nothing aggressive though. Jesse is very gentle with food and Rex does not guard his food. Anyone interested in giving these sweet souls a home together? » read more

Chica-Courtesy Post

Chica is an approximately 3-4 yr sweet girl. She loves to play fetch with her ball and would make someone a great running partner. She gets along with male dogs, no cats. A secure fence with someone that will spend time with her are required. Continued training required. Please contact Bitterroot Humane Society, in Hamilton, if you are interested in this girl. 406-363-5311 or » read more

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Beat in the heat with Riddick at his new home!

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WOOF PROJECT Malinois Rescue/Courtesy Post

If there is anyone in the Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, and Nevada, (West Coast Adoptions only) areas looking for a Belgian Malinois, please check out our friends at The Woof Project, they should be able to help you in finding your Belgian Malinois. » read more

Adopt-A-Pet Approved Rescue

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Duke-STOLEN by Pam Zachritz heading to Chicago area-Help!!!

Duke was stolen by  Pam Zachritz of the Chicago area. Pam has a prior arrest for STEALING another dog, please crosspost wide and far, to stop this from happening again. She did adopt Murh the Malinois, came out here to Montana for a vacation at my home, and pick Murph up, but took it upon herself to take Duke also, knowing that he was being adopted the day after she took him...please help us locate and return Duke. She also stole other MTGSD property, including original dog files for the dogs and for a dog she doesn't have, a wire crate and other MTGSD property... The Sheriff is working on the case also. Duke would make someone a great Personal Protection Dog. with the correct training. Duke is a 2 yr old AKC Registered male. He needs an experienced adopter and continued obedience training. He is a dominant dog and needs socialization. Great in the house, and loves to go for rides in the car. He is VERY protective so no small kids or cats. » read more

Bitterroot Kennels

Bitterroot Kennels is our choice for your new German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois obedience training and behavior modification. Please consider Master Trainer Brandon for your obedience needs. Located in Hamilton, they have a Board and Train program. They also sell top quality grain free dog food, and wonderful toys, in the pet shop. Go to their website   or contact them at. Bitterroot Kennels & 8Paws Pet Shop  119 Big Corral Road  Hamilton, Montana 59840  P: 406.363.6616  E: » read more

Very Special Dog Book Available     A very close and special friend of mine, Nan Walton, wrote a fantastic book, and I am promoting it here, she is giving a portion of the proceeds to Service Dogs for Military Veterans. Please support these dogs and enjoy your read...Steph » read more

We now have GoFundMe available for gifts to the dogs.. » read more