German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois Rescue

Serving Montana, Washington, Idaho and Wyoming

Our goal is to match the right dog with the right family. We are often able to help coordinate logistics if you are interested in a dog that is not in your immediate area.

Mission Statement: To find caring, loving, permanent homes for surrendered, abandoned or neglected dogs and puppies. Montana German Shepherd Rescue hopes to ease the problem of the population overflow occuring in many of our shelters today.

We educate the individual on the importance of sterilizing the pet and providing superior care. We are composed of a network of foster families and are in need of finding more foster care providers with the time and commitment to provide care for these animals in transition.

We also are in need of people to provide transportation for these animals. We are an ALL-VOLUNTEER rescue. ANY DONATIONS are greatly appreciated and will help a GSD find it's forever home or feed a friend in need.

Make Your Donations Today through GoFundMe. It's completely secure and you will help dogs in need at our facilities.

We need things such as dog beds, x-large, quality dog food, leashes, stainless steel bowls, rugs for crates, and of course donations of money towards vet bills for spay/neuters, shots, etc.


Athena is coming back, she will be better with a female owner and an only dog, she does not like sharing her person!~~Athena is a 2-1/2 year-old, female Malinois with a beautiful black face and shading, and rich fawn coloring. She has no known health issues and is physically strong with a beautiful shiny coat and teeth. She is big and tall for a Mali girl at around 28" at the shoulder and 83lbs - she will need a LARGE kennel (she crates very well). She is tall enough to look at what's on the kitchen table without having to stretch at all (but she's not a food-stealer). She is extremely well behaved in the house - very polite and calm - always takes things from you very gently. She doesn't get on the furniture willingly (with the exception of your bed) or chew things - but she is a tad bit of a klepto - she stole all the nightlights out of the sockets and stored them in her kennel (but didn't chew them up). She walks well on a leash once she settles into the walk. She is the classic "velcro-dog" - characteristic of Malinois. She has a strong prey-drive and will need to learn impulse control - she wants to chase things (cyclists, cats, bees, etc). She has done well with small dogs as long as they're not on her property or they are submissive - but can be aggressive with other dominant dogs on her turf. Her "big voice" is very intimidating (but she's a softie). So, she looks like a Mali, and sticks to you like a Mali and has pretty strong prey-drive - but that's about as much as she has in common with the usual "Maligator". She does really well with house guests (humans) and really prefers the company of women - she is protective of her human females. Athena is pretty low-drive overall, so while she does like to "GO" and do a bit of mild playing (fetch and tug) she is not the usual air-borne, nuclear-powered rocket that you get with a Mali. She does well in the car and will wait until you tell her to get in or out. She has no problem staying in a vehicle and waiting for you. She will also sit before coming in or going out (if you ask) and She is very smart, has an amazing nose, and can hear a mouse whisper at 50 yards - so hide and go seek is pretty pointless with us noisy, smelly, humans - she finds you almost instantly. Given the chance she will sleep with you, (but is a total bed hog). She sleeps mostly in her kennel, but I've allowed her on the bed for the occasional short nap.   Athena is a very "soft" dog - i.e. corrections for her rarely need exceed a raised voice - any more and she will shut down. She seems to respond to marker training with treats the best as she's just not all that thrilled with toys or praise. She also knows "roll-over" and "boom" (flop onto her side) and "kitchen" (go lay down out of the kitchen). She knows most of the usual obedience commands but doesn't do "stay" very well yet. As far as eating, she's very much a GIRL and is pretty picky, but likes hamburger and some brands of kibble. She does NOT like raw chicken (but she wanted me to mention that rotisserie chicken is just fine. Be forewarned that she's a laser-pointer chaser, so I recommend NOT having one around as it's not good for her to be obsessed with it. » read more


Ruger is coming back only being gone for only a week!! Poor guy!! The adopter's priorities changed. PLEASE PEOPLE FOR THE DOG'S SAKE, THINK BEFORE YOU ADOPT OR PUT IN AN APPLICATION!!!  Ruger is around 3 yrs old, and about 10 pounds overweight... From the adopter's words..Ruger turns out to be an exceptional dog. A one man dog. He has bonded to me like superglue, very dependent on me. He can't stand to have me out of his sight for a minute. He is insecure but who can blame him after what he's been through. I went to the neighbors Sunday and he was very good around everyone. I did not have him on a leash. He is very protective though. If some one walked up unexpected he would growl and bark and I would have him set down and relax. I went to town today. I made a tie down in the middle of my tool box and tied him so he could only put his nose to the outside of the truck so he couldn't try and jump out. I put an old carpet in the back so he could have some comfort. He is way to hairy and way to big to ride up front. I can't believe how big he is, he's got to weigh close to 100 lbs. I've spent 3 days brushing him and it just keeps coming off. I will be giving him a bath soon. While I was in Home Depot he broke the rope and got out of the back. I was at the check out and I looked up and there he was being held by one of the people that worked there. When he saw me he was just happy. The people said he was a real gentleman and people came up to him and petted him. I put him back and triple tied him. He really is a good dog!! He needs consistency and strong love. He is very protective of me and what is around us. One of the women that found him came up to the truck while I was putting him back in the truck and he growled at her. He does have a food issue. But from what I've read it is on the low end of the scale and could be trained out of it. I sat down with him this morning and made him sit down and I fed him out of his bowl with my hand and he took it and ate it as I gave it to him. I think his owners in the past have been afraid of him and let him be the alpha. He does want to please and be lead, he just needs to be taught. I'm writing you with as much detail as I can because I've come to the conclusion I can not keep him. He truly is the perfect German Shepherd, bud and best friend. I've just realized I am not ready to have a dog. My personal life is to long to go into, and I feel like I am abandoning him and you by coming to this conclusion but I just can't deal with him right now. He really is a sweet dog and will make a perfect ranch dog. He needs the open spaces like my place. He has no desire to run off at all!! He stays by the cabin all the time. I can't say enough what a wonder dog he is and hope you can find him a home like mine. I truly hope you understand and forgive me. I truly am very sad over this!!! I can make him sit and stay and walk away about 50 ' then stand there then call him and he comes running for a treat. He really is an excellent dog!! He does need someone that will give him a chance to be not so dependent. » read more


Located in Baker City, Oregon (eastern Oregon) Hi there! Please let me introduce myself as "Rosco the Gorgeous" a German Shepherd.  Yes, I am a purebred black and tan German Shepherd and a little unhappy.  You see, my owner can no longer keep me in her rental home.  I weigh about 105 pounds  and am 8 years old.  I am physically healthy except for some arthritis in my hips which is typical of German Shepherds.  In other words, I don't walk or run as far as I used to.  I have a vision condition called Pannus which is also typical of German Shepherds so I wear "Doggles" or dog goggles in the bright sunlight.  I do better inside during the bright sunny days and enjoy my  walks and play time in the evenings. I am now being treated by a veterinarian to improve my vision and arthritis with quality food and medication. I am an extremely well behaved guy who enjoys being around children and dogs of all sizes.   In fact, I am living with a small male dog and we get along very well.  There is also a cat in my house and we are okay together.  Sometime we are not sure who rules the roost, the cat or me but I am not a threat to her.  If there were a dog in my new home, I would expect a slow and proper introduction and things would go well.  I also like men and women but am a little cautious when I first meet people to see how they react to me and my size.  I am not a barker, or aggressive in any way.  I do not bark when people come to the door and rarely bark when other dogs bark at me.  I was never trained to do any tricks but know my basic commands, walk fairly well on a leash and am totally house trained for hours at a time.  I also like to go for rides in the back seat of the car.  I am well behaved and am not destructive in or out of the house.  I do not dig holes nor try to climb fences.  I am also neutered and current on all my vaccinations.  Please call Carmen at 541-519-4530 or Best Friends of Baker, Inc. at 541-519-7387 for more information or an application. » read more

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Duke-STOLEN by Pam Zachritz heading to Chicago area-Help!!!

Duke was stolen by  Pam Zachritz of the Chicago area. Pam has a prior arrest for STEALING another dog, please crosspost wide and far, to stop this from happening again. She did adopt Murh the Malinois, came out here to Montana for a vacation at my home, and pick Murph up, but took it upon herself to take Duke also, knowing that he was being adopted the day after she took him...please help us locate and return Duke. She also stole other MTGSD property, including original dog files for the dogs and for a dog she doesn't have, a wire crate and other MTGSD property... The Sheriff is working on the case also. Duke would make someone a great Personal Protection Dog. with the correct training. Duke is a 2 yr old AKC Registered male. He needs an experienced adopter and continued obedience training. He is a dominant dog and needs socialization. Great in the house, and loves to go for rides in the car. He is VERY protective so no small kids or cats. » read more

Very Special Dog Book Available     A very close and special friend of mine, Nan Walton, wrote a fantastic book, and I am promoting it here, she is giving a portion of the proceeds to Service Dogs for Military Veterans. Please support these dogs and enjoy your read...Steph » read more

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